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Nihon Buyo Senju is a school where is taught Japanese traditional arts such as dance, singing and shamisen.Founded in 1999, it aims to teach passionate and curious ones about the history and practice of traditional arts.Since we opened, not only locals came across our studio but also foreigners from all over the world.More than a school, we are also a dance and music group who performs during special events throughout the year in Japan and abroad !From begginners to advanced level, we are open to everyone as our main goal is to share and make discover the beauty of Japanese traditional art.
We look forward meeting you soon !

 Born in Nara City, Wakanojo SENJU was  Einojo Senju's instructor. He learned Japanese traditional arts from Mineo Asuka (after Msato Hanayagi), the headmaster of Asuka school before starting to work as Akihito Hanayagi. Wakanojo SENJU performed abroad in Italy, Switzerland, France, UK, Philippines. 
He is the founder of the school and taught him Traditional dance.
He passed away in 2000, at the age of 69. 
First President of Nara City Cultural Association 
First president of the Nara Prefecture Japanese Dance Federation



Director of the school / Traditional dance and shamisen instructor
Hello ! I am Einojo Senju, the director of Nihon Buyo Senju. You can call me Eiji-san.
I have learned Japanese traditional arts since the age of 8 under Wakanojo Senju before becoming a dance teacher in 1993. I am 
specialized in Japanese dance, shamisen, theater and singing.
Throughout my career, Throughout my career,I was a part-time lecturer at Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences and had many overseas performances.
I also perform as a versatile artist in a Japanese traditional dance group called SENKIKU.


SENKIKU consists of the Kikusaki group and the Senju Dance Company.



KIKUSAKU is a musical group gathering shamisen players (including Einojo sensei as a singer too). Founded in 2015, it aims to promote traditional Japanese music nationwide and abroad. For this reason, KIKUSAKU is also part of the SENJU COMPANY.



Established in 1999, the Senju Company has been created in order to showcase traditional Japanese dance nationwide and abroad. Since then, the company permofed more than 500 shows and workshops in Japan, USA, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia,... in front of millions of people !

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