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SENJU is a innovative virtual experience that uses new technology in order for people to learn Japanese traditional dance from home ! It has been created recently and this project is still underdevelopment but you can already purchase it on Meta Quest to the link above and use it ! We are looking for several feedbacks from you so do no hesitate to try it out and get in touch with us about what you think of this concept !


The concept has been initiated by Max KRICHENBAUER, founder and CEO of Marui plugin. Almuni Phd Student at Nara Institute of Technology, he has been working on better ways "to improve the 3D modeling and animation process by replacing the 2D tools of mouse and monitor with intuitive, more native, fully 3D VR interface".  (
He collaborated both our school in order to create a VR experience of the learning of Traditional Japanese Dance as Japanese culture is one of his passions. 

To use the VR experience, a MetaQuest account + Oculus gear is needed.

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